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Hi, I’m Sandy Watchie Stamato, founder of The Simplified Path. As a consultant to small business owners, advertising sales trainer and salesperson for more than 25 years, I’ve frequently heard comments like, “I love what I do, I just hate the sales part.” And these are people who clearly bring something wonderful to the marketplace!

I created this workshop and offer sales coaching to help people who offer a terrific product or service but whose beliefs about “sales” get in the way of achieving their goals.

What qualifies me to do this? It’s all based on my success and the process I’ve developed over the past 2½ decades. As an advertising sales person,  I found that the biggest barrier was between my two ears. Selling is a skill -and there are plenty of books and training to help learn the craft – but one’s mindset is what distinguishes an average sales person and a consultative, successful sales professional. As I recreated my own version of a “salesperson”, I began to thrive in my professional life. My passion for sales and the integrity I brought to the process, quickly escalated into a bigger arena and I became a full time sales trainer.

My workshops came to be because I began exploring the power of gratitude and the practice of visioning in the mid-1980s for goals in my personal life. Eventually I began to see how the principles could apply equally well in business. I started small, using the techniques for my own growth, and achieved phenomenal success in a career that spanned sales, training, public speaking, and consulting. Eventually I started designing workshops and presentations for colleagues at some of the companies I worked for, offered coaching and sales mentoring and let’s just say my path took off from there.

  •  Over the years, I worked with many major Fortune 500 companies—such as Microsoft, McDonalds, Starbucks, Interactive Corp, and US WEST (Century Link)—training more than 600 sales and customer service managers. One of the highlights was co-designing and presenting an international customer service training program for McDonalds U.S., Canada and Australia.
  • In 2001 I was nationally ranked as the #1 sales representative for Entertainment Corporation/Interactive Corp, an organization covering 186 markets with 580 salespeople.
  • In 2009, during one of the worse recessions of our era, I generated 41% of the total advertising sales revenue for the KPLU/NPR and KING FM radio stations on a six-member team.

These and many other accomplishments were a direct result of The Simplified Path philosophy and its practical application. I welcome the chance to team with you in discovering what exciting new successes lie just around the bend on your path.

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