Helps take the angst out of Marketing and Sales


A Simplified Path – helps take the “angst” out of Sales and Marketing

The Simplified Path workshop meets once a week for four weeks. During this time, you look at how you view the concept of sales – a critical aspects of any business – and how those beliefs may be holding you back.

This workshop is about helping you grow your business, start a business, increase your sales or you just need a  kick start.  It will help you see your value as a professional who is giving another human being the opportunity to say “yes”, instead of worrying about the possibility of hearing “no”.

By working with the science of gratitude, the power of visioning and the latest brain chemistry research in a light-hearted, safe and genuine environment, you will shift your perspective and see marketing and sales in a whole new light… And so will your clients!

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The “Why?”

You’ve got a great product and, you love what you’re doing but you keep running into the same roadblocks. You’ve stalled out.

Chances are you’ve encountered old, limiting beliefs around your role as a salesperson.  Yup, your role as a “salesperson”. Whether you’re a trial attorney, psychologist or real estate agent, you are in sales. If this makes you cringe to read, it’s not surprising. These limiting beliefs around sales are often so ingrained that many of us don’t even know they exist and or realize how devastating they can be to the success of any venture.

You may be out of alignment with your values.  No matter how many workshops or marketing seminars you attend, scratch a little below the surface and those old beliefs may pop right back.

Unfortunately these beliefs have a direct impact on your bank account and equally important on your energy, passion and joy for the work you do. It’s so frustrating. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

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